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One Horse Dead, Another Fighting For His Life After Being Injected With Gasoline



Orlando, FL – One horse is dead another one is fighting for it’s life. Now, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after gasoline was found in both animals.

“She is my baby, so I’ve had her her entire life,” said Leah Greenleaf.

She tends to her six-year-old spotted saddle horse “Kate,” after she just had surgery. It all started when she noticed a strange lump on her horse on Monday night, so she took her to the veterinarian.



“When they did actually open up, the surgeons even smelled the gas, and that’s what confirmed it for them,” she said. “The only way you get the smell of gas inside of a horse is if someone put it there.”

Greenleaf’s horse wasn’t the only horse that was hit.

“The amount of gasoline they said they smelled was just unbelievable ,” said neighbor John Hoogerhyde of his horse.

Hoogerhyde said that on Monday night, his horse started acting strange. The vet came out the next day, and by Wednesday the horse had to be put down.

“This person needs to be caught,” he said. “Anyone that can hurt an innocent animal, they’re nothing, it’s just a cold-hearted person.”

Both horses were on pastures behind each of their owner’s property in Belleview when it occurred. The owners believe the suspects might have gotten in from the back. They’re just hoping deputies get to the bottom of what happened.

“Definitely, they need to be found,” said Greenleaf. “I don’t want them coming back and hurting one of my horses. I certainly don’t want another horse hurt. Anyone who could do something like this is just a terrible person.”

Anyone with information should call the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.


Source:  Myfoxdfw.com



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