Ohio Woman Shares Video On Periscope Of Herself Allegedly Raping A 4 Year Old Boy, Family Blame The Act On Mental Illness

 India Kirksey


Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Periscope allows you to record yourself LIVE so that you can share your experiences and thoughts in real time with your fans, friends and family. Unfortunately, people have the going “LIVE” feature to commit suicide and performing sexual acts. A woman from Ohio is arrested for allegedly raping a 4 year old boy and posting the act on Periscope. The family of the woman claims she has special needs and what she is accused of is not in her character. Check out the full story below.

Via NY Daily News

An Ohio woman is accused of recording herself raping a 4-year-old boy — and then posting the disturbing footage online, prosecutors said Monday.

India Kirksey, of Cincinnati, has been charged with felony rape for allegedly performing oral sex on the child early last month, according to court records.

Kirksey, 20, supposedly videotaped the rape and then posted the recording to the Periscope live streaming app, catching the attention of a person in Texas who alerted authorities, according to WCPO.

Details on the case have been sealed due to its unsettling nature, but a Hamilton County clerk entry noted that Kirksey is being held in jail on a $350,000 bond.

A relative to Kirksey urged the public to refrain from rushing to judgement.

The unidentified family member told WCPO that Kirksey has special needs, and that what she’s accused of is “not something she would do.”

“We as family try to do the best we can to get her therapy and talk to her, maintain her safety, but sometimes you can only do so much,” the female relative told the local TV station. “This is not her character.”

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