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Oh Dear!!! Casket Found With Body Inside On A Houston Roadway


A man says he came across a casket with a body inside on a roadway in southwest Houston.

Walter Rubio says he made the discovery around 8am Tuesday where Honeywell dead ends with South Braeswood.

“I was on my bike and when I came, I seen the casket and I got a little scared so I had to go to the main street and get the cops,” Rubio said.

Police opened the casket and found a body inside.

Authorities believe the casket was unearthed from the Riceville Cemetery and belongs to a woman who died in February 2007.

Houston police are still trying to positively identify the body inside the casket. A woman at the scene says the casket may belong to her friend. She tells Eyewitness News that seeing the body is something that she’ll not soon forget.

Source: ABC

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