NYPD Launched Helicopters & K-9 Dog Unit To Search For Black Teen Who Didn’t Pay $2.75 Fare

Teen didnt pay fair

Per New York Daily News, The teen who bolted after he was arrested for fare-beating, sparking an all-night manhunt has been charged with escape, officials said Tuesday.

Rhamar Perkins, 16, is also facing a theft of services charge, cops said.

He made a run for it about 9:45 p.m. Monday after he was caught jumping a turnstile at the Rockaway Ave. station in Brownsville and brought to the NYPD’s Transit District 32 headquarters for processing, cops said.

About four and a half hours later, he surrendered at the 75th precinct stationhouse in East New York — four miles east of his escape.

Perkins escaped while being processed by a veteran community affairs officer and her rookie partner, sources said. When the veteran stepped away to do paperwork, she asked her partner to keep an eye on Perkins, who managed to slip out the back door. It was not immediately disclosed if the two officers would be disciplined by the NYPD.

Perkins’ arraignment was pending Tuesday morning. The teen has been arrested for fare-beating before, as well as robbery, police said.

The teen is the latest in a string of prisoner escapes to leave the NYPD red-faced over the past year. Seven prisoners gave cops the slip between June and December. All were ultimately recaptured.

The escapes have angered NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, who has vowed to “severely discipline” cops who let prisoners slip through their fingers.


Source:  NYdaily News

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