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NYC Officials Approve ‘Poor Door’ Separate Entrance for Low-Income Tenants, If You’re Poor, Use The Back Door!

NYC Officials Approve ‘Poor Door’ Separate Entrance for Low-Income Tenants, If You're Poor, Use The Back Door!

City officials have approved plans for a high-rise that will include 219 luxury apartments and 55 affordable-housing units. The luxury-condo owners will be allowed full access to the front entrance, while others must use a separate entrance.

ery soon, the imaginary line between the rich and the poor could be separated by an actual door. New York City officials have approved a “back door” proposal that will allow a high-rise condo building to create separate entrances for those living in the affordable-housing section of the building, the New York Post reports.

And in case you think you read that wrong, let me state clearly that the idea here is that those who can afford the swankier digs in the unit can use the glitzy front entrance, while those who are in less-expensive accommodations will use the back-alley entrance.

The “poor door,” as it has come to be known, became the center of controversy last year when developer Extell introduced the idea regarding a 33-story luxury condo on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The condo would include affordable-housing tenants, who would have to enter the building through a separate entrance, according to the New York Post.


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