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NY McDonald’s Brawl Victim Elizabeth Ballinger Accused Of Having 2 Guns

elizabeth ballinger

Elizabeth Ballinger, the 17-year-old who was viciously jumped by at least four other girls inside a Brooklyn, N.Y., McDonald’s in May, was arrested Saturday, accused of carrying two guns, the Nw York Daily News reports.

The May assault—in which Ballinger was repeatedly pummeled, punched and kicked by her attackers while a crowd of several dozen people watched—was captured on cellphone video and went viral.

On Saturday, Ballinger was waiting for a 19-year-old woman in the lobby of the woman’s building in Brooklyn, according to the Daily News. Ballinger was reportedly there to fight the woman, who heard that she was waiting and called 911. When Ballinger saw officers approach, according to the report, she dropped her bag and fled.

Police say they found a gun in the bag, the newspaper reports.

When cops finally caught up to Ballinger, according to the paper, she had jumped over a low wall and had gotten stuck on a razor wire that cut into her thigh and buttocks. She was carrying another backpack, and police said they found an imitation pistol inside, the Daily News reports.

Ballinger had to be cut down from the wire by emergency personnel and was taken to the hospital to get stitches for her injuries. She was charged with weapons possession, unlawful assembly and trespassing, the Daily News reported.

Source: The Root

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