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Nikko Comes Clean About His 10 Year Marriage, Blows Mimi’s Mind

Nikko Comes Clean About His 10 Year Marriage, Blows Mimi's Mind


For the past two seasons of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, Nikko Smith hasn’t exactly been a celebrated cast member and as far as the perception off camera goes, social media has tore him a new one. From being accused of buying a fake Rolex for his girlfriend Mimi last season, to leaking that infamous sex tape this season, Nikko seems to always be on the defensive. But is it his own fault for putting himself in the situation? Have the opportunities that came from the show been worth all the drama that goes into it? Well, that’s what we sat down with him to find out.

How did you and Mimi meet? 

Me and Mimi met about 13 years ago. But we meet in New York or LA. We still can’t figure out where it was. We had a fling. We did our thing. We just stayed in contact with each other. We more so used to see each other at different events throughout the years. I guess you could call it a one-night stand.

Was she with Stevie back then?
She might have been with Stevie off and on. This was around the time they met. She was messing with him off and on. The same time when he was messing with Puff, and while he was messing with Annette.

How did you and Mimi reconnect?
We reconnected at LA at the VMA awards two years ago. We reconnected at the Beverly Hills Hilton hotel. We reconnected through her manager. I knew her for years. It was VMA weekend in Los Angeles.

So how did you get on the show?
It was a time and the place. I was approached to do the show. I was the perfect fit. They were looking for someone to be someone she was dating. They wanted to find somebody for her to date. Then I came along. It was something that I had to think about.

And what made you decide to do it?
I wanted to try something new. I had a group. I was an executive. I had a group in la that was signed to me. A lot of thing was going left for me. I said let me try this TV world.

And after you did it, were you happy with the way you came across on TV?
I wasn’t happy with the way the relationship came off in the second season. I came off looking like an opportunist. Looking like a male chauvinist, and just a whole other things. It came off all wrong. Maybe because of the back story of me and her. It played out like that on TV. So I definitely wasn’t happy. As my character, I was painted as the bad guy. So that’s how the show put me in that box.

How do you figure the show put you in a box?
I guess I could say that’s how I put myself in that box. I didn’t get no green screens. I didn’t even get paid for that season at all. It was cool though. I got the exposure. I knew what it was. I made a decision to do it like that.

So the viewers of Love and Hip Hop ATL are familiar with what’s going on, so let’s get to it. What do you say to the people who believe that you were the one that leaked the tape?
That’s their opinion and they’re entitled to it. I gotta stand on what it is. And it’s cool. I’m fine with that.

So you lose your luggage on vacation, then it ends up in the hands of Vivid?
They reached out and notified us that they have this tape, but they can’t do nothing with it unless we consent. Advising us that it doesn’t mean it won’t be all over the internet like, ‘You could have this thing out there publicly without making any money out there.’

Was there any disagreement between you and Mimi about it?
She didn’t necessarily embrace it. I understand why. She’s a woman with a daughter, that’s a heavy blow. It’s a little different for her and me. We were on the same page in terms of us benefiting from it. We weren’t on the same page of embracing it. I embrace the fact that, ‘okay, yeah this happened.’ I’m more of an optimistic. I’m a always look for solutions out of the situation. We had our disagreement on that front. You can’t change it. You either move forward, or wallow in it.

Do you regret filming the tape with her?
No, I don’t regret filming it. I regret the mishandling of the tapes. I regret that. I regret not handling it with proper care and protection. That’s really what I regret more than anything.

Do you guys still film yourself?
We haven’t done since this whole thing unraveled. But we’ve done it more than once.

So there are other tapes?
Locked away. Maybe they should be destroyed. They in safe hands right now.

Her hands?
Well, yeah, let’s just say that.

So, as we heard on the show, you are married. Can you recap how it happened?
After the mediatakeout article, she confronted me. Me and her did a scene. She asked me about all these rumors. I had to tell her on camera. I didn’t want to lie about it. Let’s face it. The woman I’m married to, she’s never gonna come on TV. I could have denied it, and this would only be speculation, but they would have never really known. I chose to tell the truth. I don’t know if that was a good thing or bad thing, for me.

How long have you been married?
I’ve been with this woman ten years. We got married in 2007. Our relationship was really strong. We decided to get married. In the process, our relationship fell apart, but it was a bad breakup. It was a messy breakup. We remained cool with each other. She was seeing someone else, and I was a free man. But we were separated.

Did your wife know you were going to do the show?
When I decided to do the show, me and [my wife] wasn’t really rocking with that. But I knew I had this responsibility. When I decided to do the show, she came to me and said ‘I know you about to do the show, do your thing.’ She was actually with somebody in New York, that she’s still with right now.

And you didn’t tell Mimi any of this?
She didn’t know any of this. I made a decision not to tell her, because there was so much going on with this Stevie shit. I’m looking at it different from the way someone else may be looking at it. I was taking this to my grave. This was some secretive shit I was doing. I didn’t tell Mimi. I didn’t feel as that she needed to know. Going into this third season, I think I might have stretched it out a little too long. I could have sat down and told her, but I didn’t it. I didn’t do it.

So are we going to see your wife on an upcoming episode?

She’s definitely not coming on the show. It ain’t got nothing to do with me convincing me. It’s not her kind of show. And the fact that she’s moved on already with her life. It ain’t like she’s gonna come on to bash me.



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