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New York Teenager Give Birth And Throw Baby Down Incinerator

teen gives birth in new york

A teddy bear, candle and a few flowers sit outside the entrance to a garbage room where a tiny baby’s body was found wrapped in a plastic bag amid all the trash.

Mitra Padilla had no idea her next door neighbor Areille Devonish was pregnant, and then secretly had the baby inside the apartment she shares with her family.

The 19-year-old even kept her brother Clifton Jones in the dark, “I noticed her stomach was getting bigger I know a pregnant persons changes.  But I kind of like asked her.  She denied it.  She didn’t want me to know.”

Clifton says he and his mom were sleeping late yesterday afternoon when his sister gave birth in the bathroom.  He says what she’s accused of doing next has shocked everyone.

“She put the baby in the incinerator right here.”

The high school student raced over to a nearby hospital with her mother who learned just a few days ago her daughter was pregnant, but kept it quiet.

The teen told authorities what happened.

That’s when police went to the building on West Farms Road and made the awful discovery.

The medical examiners autopsy showed the baby was a still born, which means he or she never took a breath.

The mother was charged with a misappropriation of an unclaimed cadaver, a misdemeanor.

Source: Pix11.com


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