New York Man Leaps Out Of A High Rise Window And Survives Trying To Evade His Parole Officer

Some people will do just about anything to avoid being caught or being responsible for their behavior.  A man in New York just didn’t want to deal with his parole officer, so he felt the need to try to get away from him by jumping out of a window in an eight-story building.  Unfortunately for him he survived the fall with minimal injuries and lucky for the parole officer he got his man.

The man was taken to a local hospital and was treated for an injury to his ankle.  Apparently the Floyd McGarrell had been arrested and on parole for drug and assault charges.  Guess he simply didn’t want to go back to jail.  Welp…he more than likely will not get his wish.

It’s unsure whether he was hiding out at the New York apartment or if this was McGarrell’s place of residence.

Photo Credit: Matthew McDermott


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