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New Study Says Black Men Are Amazing Fathers


An interesting new study just came out from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about the level of paternal involvement in different areas of their kids’ lives. Several variables were tracked in the study, but one glaring piece of information is making headlines: Black men are at least as involved in the lives of their children as fathers of other races, and in many cases, much more involved. 

New Study Says Black Men Are Amazing Fathers

In many categories, the differences between races weren’t statistically significant, which in and of itself is significant; To keep in line with the stereotype of the “absentee black father”, there should have theoretically been a marked drop-off in levels of involvement by African-Americans dads in the study. It turns out, they’re doing generally about as well as any other ethnicity, and in some cases, are actually more hands-on.

Gee, it kinda makes you wonder if all those years of media portrayal of black guys as deadbeat dads was part of some bigger agenda to disempower black people and instill a self-fulfilling negative self-image in the minds of young black men. LOL that’s crazy talk, that shit would never happen.


Source:  Thoughtcatalog

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