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NEW MUSIC: Tisha Campbell-Martin Single ” Steel Here”

EarHustle411 has been waiting a LONG TIME for this favorite celeb of ours to come out with some new music.  Her acting career is flourishing but we love her singing abilities as well.  This triple threat is making moves!! Tisha Campbell-Martin has a new track out titled “Steel Here” written by Tisha and co-written by B. Slade (also an EarHustle411 affiliate).  The video treatment is very interesting because a portion of the video features a segment where Mrs. Campbell-Martin has a portion of a letter she received from her attacker when she was assaulted at the age of 3 inscribed on her body.

tisha campbell-martin

Tisha Campbell-Martin has since forgiven her attacker and from what we can see in this video, she still has IT on the singing tip. YOU GO GIRL!!

Check out the official video:

Congratulations Tisha and welcome back to the music world. We’ve missed you and look forward to hearing more music from you!!

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