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New Mexico Denny’s Allegedly Refuses To Serve ‘F*ggots After Gay Pride Parade

New Mexico Denny’s RefusesTo Serve ‘F*ggots After Gay Pride Parade

A group of LGBT activists have filed a discrimination complaint against a New Mexico Denny’s claiming that the restaurant’s staff used homophobic slurs and refused to serve them.

Deming Pride organizer Manny Carlos told KOB that many in his group were still dressed in pageant wear when they visited the restaurant in Deming after attending a Gay Pride celebration last July.

“We noticed (the serving staff) just kept passing us and never offered us something to drink. Nothing. We simply asked, ‘When will we be served?’ We were encountered with a lot of derogatory remarks,” Carlos recalled.

According to legal documents provided to KOB, a Denny’s waitress said that she would not serve “fags and faggots.” A transgender person was referred to as “a boy with tits” by one of the servers, the documents alleged.

The group said that the manager took the side of the server when they complained, and they were asked to leave.

A settlement letter from Deming Pride asked for an apology, and $20,000. The group asked for an additional $5,000 for Monique Norell, who they said “was subjected to the worst of the harassment and humiliation.”

In a statement to KOB, Denny’s said that it did not tolerate discrimination and was “working with this group toward a resolution.”

But a spokesperson for Denny’s also told KOB that Deming Pride had “entirely provoked” the confrontation by antagonizing the waitress and manager.

“This group called my server a ‘bitch,’” the spokesperson told the station. “They asked her if she was a ‘Dyke.’ When my server asked the reason for this question, a member of the group replied ‘Because you look like one.’”

“It was at this point that my server refused to wait on this group. We have witnesses to corroborate that the group made these comments.”

In 1994, Denny’s paid $54 million to settle a lawsuit over allegations that the restaurant chain had discriminated against thousands of black customers by forcing them to wait longer than white customers.



Source: Raw Story

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