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New Laws That Will Become Effective January 1, 2014 In Illinois

new laws for illinois

A new year means new laws and we need to be aware of that changes that is happening in our site. Here are some of the new laws that we found to be interesting and informative.

  • The Secretary of State is prohibited from issuing a driver’s license to people under 18 if they have an unresolved traffic citation – allows prosecutors to petition the court to have the driver’s licenses of minors convicted of accidents involving a death or serious injury invalidated.
  • Using cell phones for any purpose while driving are prohibited – exempts GPS systems and hands-free devices.
  • Speeding in a work zone is separated into two offenses: when workers are present and when workers are not present.
  • Vehicle insurers are no longer required to send new copies of policyholder information each time an insured individual renews his or her insurance.
  • An aggravated offense for driving while using a cell phone for both misdemeanors and felonies is created when the usage results in death or serious injury.
  • The speed limit has been changed to 70 miles per hour on certain highways throughout the state – counties in Chicagoland and the Metro East are allowed to establish lower speed limits.
  • Using electronic tracking devices on vehicles without the consent of the owner or a legitimate law enforcement purpose is prohibited.
  • The penalty for assault is increased if one audio or video records the assault with the intent of disseminating the recording.
  • Second chance probation is allowed under the criminal code for those who are convicted of a drug charge and it is their first offense – this does not apply to violent offenders or crimes of deceptive practice or fraud.
  • Courts may not use officers to bring a defendant hearing for failure to pay child support.
  • The use of medical marijuana is allowed in the treatment of debilitating medical conditions if certain conditions are met.
  • Any public school sex-ed course offered to 7th through 12th graders must cover both abstinence and contraception.
  • A $50 mandatory minimum fine for littering.
  • People at wineries are allowed to seal and take home one bottle of opened wine.
  • Cigarettes are added to the legal definition of litter.


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