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New Jersey Woman Robbed While Waiting For Medical Attention After Randomly Shot

Yvonne Scott

Photo Credit: Google

A woman who was wounded in Jersey City shootout last week was robbed by a group of bystanders as she waited for medical attention.

Now, that victim is speaking out to Eyewitness News.

The incident happened on May 27 and was part of a trio of shootings in the same general area in just a three-hour span, and investigators are still trying to determine if they are related.

All of those shot were innocent bystanders, one of whom was fatally injured.

Yvonne Scott was one of the victims, and she had gone to Martin Luther King Boulevard with her 69-year-old mother to buy car insurance. She says they initially tried to go around 1 p.m., but the street and insurance agency were still blocked off with police tape from the first shooting, in which the victim survived.

Then, about an hour later, another shooting claimed the life of 50-year-old Larry Freeman, who was working on a car.

They returned just after 3 p.m., and Scott was walking back to her car on Stegman Street when gunfire erupted around her.

“So many things erupted,” she said tearfully.

Yvonne Scott

Photo Credit: Google

She was struck in the back, where the bullet remains lodged. And that’s when the bystanders approached and began removing items from her pocket and on her body.

“I wasn’t concerned with any of that, really,” she said. “I wasn’t concerned about that. I just didn’t want to die. I didn’t want to die.”

Scott says her purse, jewelry and medicine were all taken. She is still in pain, but is just happy to be alive.

Source: ABC NEWS

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