National Urban League 2015 Conference Panelist MC Lyte Shares Some Crucial Words Of Wisdom To #SaveOurSonsAndDaughters

MC Lyte

The National Urban League 2015 Conference took place in sunny Florida where they held a special town hall meeting.  Gathered were several panelists and the theme was “Save Our Sons and Daughters: Black Lives Matter”.  We all have had some form of contact with law enforcement and it is understood that all encounters with the police do not result in an injury or a death, however there has been way too many “incidents” resulting in the loss of life.

How can a “routine” traffic stop land someone in jail or even worse…death?  This and many other questions are circulating in the minds of people in urban communities.  MC Lyte in her soft-spoken philanthropic voice, made some statements at the town hall meeting that just may be the key to saving the lives of the people in our community.  Personal accountability and to some degree accountability for our brother or sister could be the difference in going home or going to the morgue.

Take a look:


MC Lyte’s words ring loudly and her advice lines up with how many of us feel.  As she spoke with another panelist about having knowledge of the law, having knowledge of the law and implementing that knowledge is truly two different things.  In no way are we saying do not exercise your rights however there is a way to do everything.

We hope that MC Lyte’s words were internalized by those who were in attendance at the town hall meeting.  Lord knows that we don’t need to have any more loss of life at the hands of each other or law enforcement.   Having a “sisterhood” or “brotherhood” amongst each other has been a lost concept and WE must be willing to take personal accountability especially when we are taken off the beaten path to our greatness and it does not hurt to grab a hold of our brother or sister regardless of age and nudge them back onto their path.

Let’s get back to loving one another and picking up our fellow girl/boy or woman/man when they are down and help them to a place of stability.

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(video) Courtesy of Felicia Shaw

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