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Mother Outraged At Teacher Captured On Snapchat Hitting Daughter With A Swiffer Broom

Tiffany Fields of North Carolina was speechless when she came across a Snapchat video of a Cotswald Elementary School hitting her daughter, Cinaii, with a Swiffer broom.

Photo Credit: Fox 46 Screenshot

“You cannot be a teacher and be able to teach children if you can lose your cool in a manner where you hurt someone else’s child,” Fields told Fox 46 Charlotte.

According to Fox 46, Tiffany was informed of an altercation involving her daughter, but she said that it was misrepresented. She only learned the truth after she saw the video, which was filmed under an anti-bullying sign, on social media.

“I was told a child hit my child with a broom, and that my child hit the child back with a broom. Kid things. And some minor altercation between children,” Fields explained.

She continued, “But the video I saw, it was a teacher losing control and hitting a child in the head with a broom, lunging at her twice and forcing her into a wall.”

Tiffany posted the clip in on Facebook, and she called the school. She was later summoned for a meeting with authorities and school officials, where her daughter was blamed for the incident. However, she argued that the teacher never should have intervened with physical force.

“You are filing charges on behalf of my child, you haven’t even talked to her yet, you believe these statements before even talking to my child,” Tiffany pointed out.

Furthermore, she said that Cinaii claimed she was actually acting on behalf of the teacher when she was struck with the Swiffer.

Tiffany shared, “She told me, ‘Why didn’t she help me? I was the one who got hit with the broom. I was sticking up for her. I was sticking up for her. He was disrespecting the teacher.’”

The school system issued the following statement on the altercation:

“The district is looking into the matter. As with all safety matters, school administrators would investigate to gain an accurate understanding and resolution to the matter. The incident was reported on May 16th, at which time the school looked into the matter by reviewing school video tape, nothing was found to substantiate the allegation of an assault. This week a second video tape surfaced, which led the parent to contact CMS-PD to complete a police report. That process is underway.”

Source: Rickey Smiley

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