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Mother Killed By Son Had Restraining Order Against Son Before Incident


A Bolingbrook woman police believe was fatally shot by her son before he shot and killed himself had applied for two orders of protection against her son last year, but she never appeared at the court hearings and the cases were dismissed as a result, according to records.

Police were called Friday to the 100 block of Lakeshore Drive in Bolingbrook after receiving calls that Anthony Rataiczyk, 37, may have harmed Alicia Coronel, his 69-year-old mother, Lt. Michael Rompa said.

Rataiczyk did not live with his mother at that residence but would come and go, Rompa said. Either way, Friday was not the first time that Rataiczyk pointed a gun at his mother, according to Will County court records.

Coronel filed a petition for an order of protection against her son in March 2012, the day after she said they had argued about whether he would go to rehab for alcohol abuse.

On the morning of March 25, 2012, Rataiczyk and Coronel’s ex-husband were in the basement of the couple’s Bolingbrook residence, according to the Coronel’s petition.

“Anthony was angry because he felt like we were rushing him,” according to an incident description in the order of protection petition.

Rataiczyk kicked Coronel’s ex-husband, then went behind a shelf and opened a case, according to the description.

“Knives started flying from the box, and he grabbed a gun, cocked it, and pointed it at me,” Coronel’s description reads. “He said ‘is this what you want?'”

Coronel’s ex-husband grabbed her and took her outside, the description reads.

Rataiczyk eventually pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor domestic battery charge for attacking his ex-stepfather that day, according to court records.

Police confiscated Rataiczyk’s “automatic guns, rifles, a lot of ammunition” as well as knives and a bow and arrow, according to Coronel’s order of protection petition.

The petition was dismissed April 16, 2012, when Coronel did not appear in court, according to records.

Coronel filed another order of protection against her son less than six weeks later, on May 25, 2012, according to records.

Rataiczyk called his mother on May 23, 2012, upset that she had moved some of his things to a friend’s house, according to the order of protection. He called his mother again later that night, records state.

“He called me and started to sing the Pink Panther song in a really ugly voice,” the description reads, “that he was going to come and get me … when I least expect it.”

Coronel said in the final, undated incident description in the order of protection petition that she just wanted her son to leave her alone.

“I live alone and I am scared,” she said in the description.

That petition was dismissed June 15, 2012, when Coronel again failed to appear in court, according to records.

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