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Mother Dies In Shower and 4 -Year Old Survives off of Toilet Water and Roaches For 3 Weeks

Mother Dies In Shower and 4 -Year Old Survives off of Toilet Water and Roaches For 3 Weeks

A 4- year old girl was found by authorities after neighbors complained about a disgusting and foul odor coming from the apartment she was residing in.  The child had been alone for weeks and  survived by eating roaches and drinking water from the toilet.

Shirley Jackson the mother of the 4-year old girl had passed away in the home and a neighbor by the name of Dara Smith notified authorities that it’s been weeks that she’s heard from her neighbor and that is when they discovered 4- year old Monica Jackson.

Once in the apartment, the authorities found the gruesome discovery and notified the coroner so that they could pronounce a possible time of death of Shirley Jackson.  They then questioned the little girl to find out if she knew what caused her mother’s death.

Little Monica told the police that her mom made noodles and hotdogs and then went to take a shower.  She then said her mom took a nap in the shower and she couldn’t wake her up so she ate the food after getting hungry.  She then said after all the food was gone in the house she got thirsty so she drank toilet water and ate roaches.

Monica has since been taken into custody by child services until they find a permanent home as her aunt Shonda allegedly said she is not taking care of her because she is not her responsibility.

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