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Mother Breaks Down In Court When Denined The Right To Go TO 4-Year Olds Funeral After Accidental Shooting By His Brother

mother of child killed

A woman by the name of Itiyanah Spruill in East Orange New Jersey is devastated that her 6-year old son accidentally shot and killed his 4-year old brother.  She has been arrested and charged with  endangerment and weapons charges.  This was a freak accident nothing more nothing less.  

Police said Spruill’s 6-year-old son picked up her gun and shot his brother in his head at their home in their East Orange, NJ, home.

Her attorney asked a judge if she could attend her 4-year-old son’s funeral. and the prosecutor opposed it.  Why would this evil prosecutor oppose this mother going to her child’s funeral if it were an accident?  She didn’t deliberately allow her child to be killed.

Yes, she was irresponsible  and negligent but so were many other people in similar situations.  She has suffered enough.

The mothers bond was set at $310 thousand dollars as if she’s a flight risk or as if she picked up the gun and shot the child herself.

Currently, the judge has yet to make a decision on whether the mother can attend her child’s funeral.  His funeral is set for this Friday.

Should this mother be allowed to attend her son’s funeral?  Chime in and let Ear Hustle 411 know your thoughts!

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