MiMi and Stevie Jay go at it! MiMi Posts That Her Father Died, Stevie J Then Posts, Bang bang!! Your Dad Ain’t Gonna Be The Only One. Karma Is A B*tch!”


  MiMi and Stevie Jay go at it!……(

Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star Mimi Faust has posted texts messages from ex Stevie J on to social media yesterday (May 8th). Mimi announced yesterday that her dad passed away. And shortly after she posted the texts, from whom she has listed as her “sperm donor.” The texts read, “Bang bang!! Your dad ain’t gonna be the only one. Karma is a b*tch!”

She then wrote the caption, “All of this because of a truthful radio interview I did about @hitmansteviej_1 not taking care of his daughter. Be careful who y’all praise. Don’t let the cameras fool you. #TheDevilsALiar.”

  • During the radio interview, she said about Stevie, “He don’t help me with Eva. He’s not there for her at all. So don’t worry about how much money I make, ok? Me and Nikko take care of the baby. He’s not worried about our daughter!”




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