“Mike Tyson Demands End To Evil ‘Knock Out’ Game, Tells Blacks To Act More Respectably”

Based on research, the knock out game was not originated by blacks as being reported.  This was a game that was originated several years ago  by white teenagers who were just plain bored and then in the late 90’s the name was changed to Wilin out by urban teens.; but of course it was not broadcasted in the news when the white teens participated in it.  Regardless of who started this ridiculous game,  people are not only being injured but it’s killing some innocent people and it needs to stop.

Per thedailybeast.com ,when asked about the “knockout game,” law enforcement has been skeptical. According to a recent New York Times piece, “[P]olice officials in several cities where such attacks have been reported said that the ‘game’ amounted to little more than an urban myth, and that the attacks in question might be nothing more than the sort of random assaults that have always occurred.”

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