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Michael Brown’s Mother Supposedly Says “F**k Them 2 Cops”; White Society Is Appalled


We would like to clarify there are speculations about the comments below and whether she made it or not as it contradicts the statement put out by the family. The comments were deleted, but however, quickly snapped by a third party, whether it can be proven or not is another question and you can view them here by clicking here and on other website. But our article is specifically targeting the media.

White society is appalled by Mike Brown’s mums, Lesley McSpadden’s comments. She took to facebook and typed the following….

“If my FAM woulda got JUSTICE in August maybe those two comps wouldn’t have got shot LAST NIGHT…”


First things first, she is exactly right, or should we say in the right frame of mind to express such thoughts. White media is acting like this is something horrible. They forget they were dancing to Ice T’s cop killer, and their children have been dancing to ‘F**k the police’ ever since NWA was formed.

Are they stupid? Maybe to them those lyrics seemed like just entertainment, sort of like how they dance to Miley Cirus. Did they think whilst they were awaiting to download the NWA biopic and enjoy, that we were just having fun? Well, knock knock, hello??? No, those lyrics come from an everyday reality of black lives being taken by the American governments foot soldier.

So if that can come from the average black person, and the average community why not expect it from a mom whose innocent son was killed by the police. Is she suppose to be diplomatic now because her son is killed? No, F**** the police.  The police force is nothing but an organization of thugs and gangsters who are her to protect a system of constant exploitation by white society of blacks. No matter how many speeches Obama gives notice one thing never changes? The reality of black life doesn’t change.

It is very obvious the white communities want peace, they want us to peacefully get killed, economically exploited, serve their businesses, miseducated and arrested, and then they will be happy. And when we refuse to accept this, that is where the police come in. It is this same attitude Mike Brown’s mom is presented with. We shoot your son but if you simply say F**** the cops the white world and media will go crazy about how you are unlady like, dam disgusting. They kill us so much that a mum responding with a cuss words after her child is killed is seemed as somewhat more offensive than the killing. Can you see the societal problem here?

Although, there are a lot of evidence that this shooting was a false flag in order for the government to shut down the protesters, so we would although advice that she looks into the reality before reinforcing the lie. Be it that this wasn’t we support her “F**** The Cops” why should we worry about being diplomatic with our words when they have never been diplomatic with taking our lives.

Source: Yo Momma Black

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