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Mc Donald’s Employee Beat The Breaks Off Irate Customer Who Tried To Pull Him Out The Drive-Thru Window [Video]

Mc Donalds Employee Beat The Buns Off Irate Customer Who Tried To Pull Him

Talk about having it your way; not so fast say’s a manager at Mc Donalds in Minneapolis Minnesota.

A fight broke out between an irate customer and a manager because the manager took too long to bring the customer their change.

Generally Mc Donalds don’t take large bills at their drive thru window and this customer wanted to pay for a $3 dollar meal with a $100 bill.  

The Cashier had to get change and when the manager came to the window, the customer went ballistic grabbing the managers tie and trying to pull him out the window.

The manager gave the customers a few solid punches to the head and managed to get back in the window.  This was all caught on video.  The customer was subsequently arrested.


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