Martin Luther King Jr’s. 83 Year Old Sister In Law Beaten During Attempted Carjacking

Martin Luther King Jr. 83 Year Old Sister In Law Beaten During Attempted Carjacking

(Photo: Paul Morigi)

The sister-in-law of Martin Luther King Jr. was reportedly attacked outside her retirement home in an attempted carjacking.

Naomi King, 83, was attacked and punched in the face after she refused to give the unidentified assailant her keys, reports the Washington Times.

The man appeared from a wooded area and approached her just outside her gated community home in Southwest Atlanta.

King is the widow of Rev. A.D. King, the younger brother of MLK. She and her husband were significantly involved in the Civil Rights era.She suffered only minor injuries and was released from the hospital. King told NBC News she wasn’t scared during the assault because she had faith on her side. When the assailants fled, King said she “said a quick prayer and thanked God that my injuries was at a minimum.”

Atlanta police say authorities are investigating the incident.
King’s neighbors said similar violent attacks are becoming common in the area.


Source:  Centricktv

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