Man Goes Crazy After Catching His Wife In A Hotel With Her Sidepiece & Tried To Choke Him To Death [Video]

Man Goes Crazy After Catching His Wife In A Hotel With Her Sidepeice & Tried To Choke Him To Death [Video]

Heartbroken man catches wife at a hotel creeping with another man and totally loses it.  The man puts the sidepiece in a headlock and tries to squeeze the life out of him.

You can see the wife trying to break it up as her husband screams saying you belong to me.  You can tell the husband is in a lot of pain after witnessing his wife literally trying to protect the other man from being beaten up.

The husband is heard yelling, ” I will kill you over my wife”  all while his wife continuously pulls him off her boyfriend.

Hotel workers are heard telling them to take it outside and the husband is not trying to hear it.  The hotel reps called the police and you can hear the gentleman recording telling him to just leave because the police are on there way.  He then said, ” dude if you go to jail, she is going to still be with him”.


Check out the video below.


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