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Man Brings Wife To Girlfriend’s House To Confront Her & Wife Sets Girlfriend On Fire Husband Watches & Does Nothing

Man Brings Wife To Girlfriends House To Confront Her & Wife Sets Girlfriend On Fire Husband Watches & Does Nothing

Talk about being thrown under the bus. A woman tells how she is attacked by her boyfriend’s wife and claims the boyfriend said he was no longer with his wife. She gets a knock at her door and what happened next was shocking!!!

See what was reported by BET.

An Indianapolis woman claimed she was set on fire by her boyfriend’s wife in a fit of rage and jealousy.

Tationa Sims, 22, alleged that the unnamed man and his wife arrived at her apartment around midnight on Monday.

“She wanted to know if he was still cheating or not,” Sims told RTV 6. “Because I was messing with her husband. I guess it was set up to do something to me.”

According to Sims, there was a brief exchange immediately followed by the woman throwing a cup on gasoline on her. She then pulled out a lighter and set Sims on fire.

The worst part is, Sims claimed her boyfriend — who she alleged was no longer with his wife — did not attempt to stop the attack.

“He stood there the whole time and watched it happen,” Sims said.

After, Sims frantically attempted to put out the flames.

“I was shocked. I was shaking, trying to put the fire out,” she said. “Then she grabbed me by my hair and then swung me down on the ground. Basically, she tried to kill me and he didn’t do nothing about it.”

Sims was then taken to the hospital where she was treated for second-degree burns to her stomach. She is now at home and in recovery. She also hopes there won’t be any other issues between the three.

“I know that I made a big mistake and that I’m paying for it now,” Sims admitted. “I just don’t want any more issues. No issues. Just let it be handled. But it could have been handled differently. It could have. It didn’t have to turn out like this.”

Police have not commented on any charges that will be pursued. The names of the boyfriend and his wife have not yet been released.

Source:  BET

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