Malia Obama’s Infamous IG Post: “From Brooklyn To The White House”

malia obama

So just in case you missed it, the first daughter of the free world is the real MVP this week after an instagram pic of her rocking the Brooklyn based hip hop collective’s classic  Pro Era T-shirt surfaced Sunday night via social media. Malia Obama broke the internet FOR REAL yesterday  with over 8.6 million views and shares since the pictures’ first inception on Twitter.

“From Brooklyn to the White House” wrote artist and Pro Era member Joey BadA$$ on his Twitter when the picture became undeniably viral.

According to Gawker: A representative for Joey Bada$$ said in an email to Gawker that Pro Era received the photo from “a mutual friend of Malia and the pro era member.”

A little background about the brand, Pro Era is short for “progressive era” which consists of roughly 40 members with respective creative  backgrounds in music, photography and art with artist Joey Bada$$ as their front man.

Internet reaction was at an all time high with individuals finding another reason to love the Obama family. Currently, the pic has been getting mixed reviews about its origin and even its authenticity if it’s Malia at all.

So it appears that Malia may be off the hook if she did actually post the picture because of what the First Lady stated in an interview  with Barber Walters on ABC two years prior:

“Malia’s access to social media is limited…but she can’t wait until this light has dimmed to start becoming a person…”

…it certainly seems that Malia is coming into her very own now as a lovely sweet sixteen year old who loves hip hop…and we’re okay with that.

Side Note: Is it me or does the beautiful Malia resemble a young Claudia Jordan? I’m just saying…

Source: Sister2Sister

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