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#LunchMoney Community Blogging Platform helps kids earn money for posting


Good Kid Mad City is a blogging platform for feel-good news and entertainment. They have created a global blogging platform to empower students to become contributors and earn revenue for their content! The messaging and brand will be very clear to everyone who visits.  Users will earn a portion of advertising based off of content engagement and shares. Payments will be distributed monthly via Paypal. The funds will be used for the custom platform development, and to contract freelance writers. Can you see kids turn to blogging instead of the streets, violence, and drugs? With #LunchMoney now kids can turn what they love into some real bank and parents can save some of theirs. We will follow this platform and see how it progresses. If you are interested, follow this link: https://www.lunchmoneyproject.com/campaign/9/a-community-based-news-blogging-platform Please share this with someone who may be interested.









Behind the scenes: Boardmemberz, Inc.

BoardMemberz is a multi-media lifestyle company that specializes in creating digital products for Millennials and Generation Y. Our focus is on creating products that allow individuals to contribute, grow their brands, and monetize their content.



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