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Love Advice: Woman Says Men Are Simple, All They Need Is Sex, Food and To Feel Needed [ Video]

Woman Says Men Are Simple, All They Need Is Sex, Food and To Feel Needed [ Video]

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There are so many women that are employed, independent and very lonely.  You often here many women say, “I don’t need no man,” or they may say, “I can do bad by myself.  Is this really the case or have they chased the men away.

Ear Hustle 411 came across a video where a Gorgeous young lady by the name of Shanice Backmon is talking to the ladies.  She says there are some desperate women out here, she says many women call men thirsty but the women are desperate.

Shanice says men are the simplest specimen on this earth and goes on to say there are only three things men need which are sex, food and to feel needed.  She says learn how to cook ladies, give him what he needs sexually or another woman will and most importantly which she specifically targets black women because she said a lot are taught to live without a man.

She said, “Black women don’t know how to make a black man feel needed.  You are in relationships and you don’t make your men feel needed.

Shanice has got a lot of men rooting for her and are in agreement with her…Ladies, does Shanice make a great point. Chime in and leave your comments below.  Ear Hustle 411 thinks she’s pretty cool.


See the video below:

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