Louisiana Rapper Lil Cali Purchased 10 Pairs Of Shoes For Kid Being Bullied Because He Was Wearing Old Shoes

A young man in Louisiana was being constantly teased and bullied by his peers and classmates for simply being less fortunate.  A popular local rapper named Lil Cali heard about his plight and decided to bless they young man with not one but 10 pairs of the latest shoes.

You can see some his classmates getting really excited.  You do hear one student say Awe man as if he was angry.  It’s always good to hear some feel good news and that people really do care and still have a heart.

You have to wonder, what are parents teaching their children at home and why are these kids thinking about materialims instead of their school work?

Ear Hustle 411 wants to send a special shout out to Rapper Lil Cali for making that young man feel like a king for a day.


Check out video below:


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