Local News: “Chicago Women Found Hanging in a Tree due to Apparent Suicide””


Chicago police are working on a death investigation.  Jasmin Rkovic, who manages the building next door to the lot, said he saw the woman hanging from a tree branch near the sidewalk.

“She was hanging,” he said. “Unbelievable, man.”Rkovic said the woman lived in a four-plus-one apartment building on Kenmore Avenue. The building shares an alley with the empty lot.

tree hanger

“Just the other day she was down here doing her laundry. This is bizzare,” said Tom, the manager of 6011 N. Kenmore Ave., who declined to provide his last name.

He said she had lived on the fifth floor of the building for several years. A police detective searched the woman’s apartment Monday morning, he said.

“She was quite nice,” Tom said. “She didn’t stir up any trouble.”

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