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Let’s Talk Fashion: 8 Ways To Rock The Bootie

black bootie

Now that we are convinced that winter is here let’s talk fashion foot wear. The day of open-toe, back-out is gone. The shoe you should have in your collection is a pair of ?…… I’m going to let you think on that for a minute. I have at least 8 wearable reasons to own them.

Know that fashion is all about what you wear and who you are wearing. But that’s where style comes in because it’s all about how you put the fashion together. Now is the time to get all the staple items you need to make it through the rain, hail, sleet and snow, while still looking fabulous. The best shoe for that is? If you said booties you are on point……The black booties to be exact. This little bootie is so versatile it works with any look.

Whoa Girl Black Leather

  • Night on the town: This look will be easy, pair the booties with a pullover and a jacket that has a faux fur element, a statement necklace, & a pair of dark pants and your look is complete.
  • office look
  • To the office: This look can be easily attained, With a winter-white long coat (double-breasted) blue leather mid-calf skirt, a cardigan sweater in the same shade of blue (creates balance) A black over sized handbag, necklace with a pop of color, that’s small to medium in size, but speaks loud in style.
  • work
  •  If in doubt what shoe to wear on a interview, the black booties is the right choice. Add a tailored jacket black or dark blue is always the best choice. A skirt but go with a rust or burgundy color this will add so much Flavor to your look.
  • night life
  • A night hanging with the ladies: so easy…booties, LNA Scarlett Sweater, leather jacket, with leather spiked accessories add a over sized clutch….. that completes the look.
  • animal
  • That weekend getaway: to create this look……Go blue Jean ( dark blue or black) all-the-way, with a white button-up shirt, & a vest. Add a metallic black belt. Since army’s in, a Parker coat will do nicely. If you want that lady look, a slim puff coat with a belt. Plus a perfect black carry bag like Dylan Kaine Bag. This is just crazy Chic.
  • jeans
  • Everyday: A pair of boy jeans with a black turtleneck, over sized top, Bomber style jacket with your black bootie. This is you everyday look.
  • sports
  • Sport night: yes lady’s they go great for game night. A printed Tee, skinny Jeans (choose color) military-Chic Jacket & a designer Satchel…… simple but very fashion forward.
  • party
  • Club night: you can give the booties that haute feel & flare. A graphic print shirt, a pair of leather trim pants. If you want to be fierce with it…..A graphic print dress, a tailored jacket BOOM! You own the fashion game.
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