Lebron James Caught Direct Messaging Another NBA Player’s Girlfriend

Lebron James Caught Direct Messaging Another Players Girlfriend

Although the message seems innocent enough with Lebron simply just saying, “Hey What’s up.” things like this can lead to flirtation which doesn’t usually end well especially when he’s a married.

You have to ask yourself, what did she plan on gaining and what was the purpose of her posting it?

We all know married men should not direct message other women especially another players chick. we’re not sure what her intentions are but she posted the message for everyone to see either to protect herself from her NBA boo finding out or to just simply put him on blast.

See what Ask Kissy had to say: 

NBA legend Lebron James and his lovely wife Savannah have been together since High School. The married couple has three beautiful children, but that isn’t enough for Lebron.

Lebron James Caught Direct Messaging Another NBA Player's Girlfriend
Rumors have been speculating for years about how Lebron often cheats on Savannah.

The rumors may be true, because apparently Lebron has been busted for sliding in another player’s girlfriend DM.

Instagram model Rachel Bush who is dating NBA player Jordan Poyer, put Lebron on blast and posted the DM message he sent her after she attended a game Lebron and her boyfriend played in.


Source:  AskKissy

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