Lady Takes “Selfie” With Former NBA Player Allen Iverson But Admits She Didn’t Know Who He Was

WOW!! I mean c’mon….really?? I am not the sports nut people think I am but I do know Allen Iverson when I see him!!

Check out the story as reported by Dallas Black:

The folks at BlackSportsOnline caught wind of this foolishness, we figured we’d share it with y’all.

Allen Iverson was in the place to be Friday night as he partied with LisaRaye, Ne-Yo, and Claudia Jordan at ATL’s Prive Nightclub. Being a man of the people, A.I. indulged fans who wanted to do it for the ‘gram by happily posing for smiling selfies.

Unfortunately, not all the folks who wanted photos were true fans. Enter a thirsty broad. Apparently this young lady was coaxed into taking a photo with Iverson despite the fact that she had absolutely NO idea who he was.

Allen Iverson fan IG selfie


Now our question is, if indeed her friends said “Hey, that guy is famous go take a groupie azz pic with him”, shouldn’t she AT LEAST have asked them who he is? Not ONE of them knew he was Allen Iverson?? We call shenanigans. Even the most uneducated of thots would have been resourceful enough to do a quick Google search on their iPhone to identify him. Furthermore, why put yourself on blast in the caption? She could have just waited until she knew for sure and then posted the pic.

The thirst is real, but we’re Kermit though…

Source: Dallas Black


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