Kim Kardashian West Pays Celebrity Stylist Kim Kimble $2,500 To Teach Her How To Braid North West Hair


On episode 18 of Season 12 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians we saw Kim Kardashian enlist the help of hair extraordinaire Kim Kimble to teach her how to braid North West’s hair. The Kims got together for a private hair-braiding tutorial where we watched Mrs. West struggle to follow the technique on her mannequin head. However, by the end of the episode she seemed to master Northie’s signature double French braids. Kimmy’s plight is one many mothers of mixed children go through, but not every mom has a Kim Kimble up their sleeve.

So just how did she swing a braiding session with the go-to celebrity hairstylist? “I’ve worked with some of her hairstylists in the past and shared my products with them. And I had actually worked with her one time so she reached out and asked if I could give her some pointers on braiding North West’s hair. And I said, ‘Sure’,” Kimble told BET.com.

“To be honest, she does a wonderful job with her daughter’s hair. I think she picked up pretty well on it. I’m pretty sure she has some experience with braiding so it’s just a matter of perfecting what she already kind of knew. And I definitely saw the progression,” she added.

If you don’t think you’re familiar with Kimble’s work, guess again. She’s worked on numerous editorial spreads for top magazines, styles Beyoncé’s hair regularly (she’s the woman behind Bey’s flawless hair moments in Lemonade), and mostly recently did Nicki Minaj’s sleek ‘do for the AMAs. Not to mention she’s had her own line of hair-care products since 2000 and her show, LA Hair,will premiere its fifth season on WEtv in January.

Kimble is an expert at working with the various hair textures of women of color and that’s exactly why Kim Kardashian sought her help specifically. For this reason getting a one-on-one with Kimble is a bit pricey — $ 2,500 a day to be exact. Yikes! Unless you’re making Kardashian money, a class with Kimble is probably out of your price range, but lucky for us the hair guru did leave us with some solid curly hair girl advice.

She instructs, “When you have curly hair there’s a specific way to deal with it and of course I specialize in multi-cultural curly hair. The one thing you really want to do is keep it hydrated and moisturized. You want to use great product on the hair, which I have an amazing line for naturally curly hair. It’s definitely important which ones you use — that they don’t have alcohol in it, that they’re not drying to the hair, and special shampoo that’s going to keep it hydrated.”

Source: BET

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