A Kidnapped Woman Escaped By Jumping Out Of A Moving Vehicle She Was Held In

On most days we as humans are comfortable in our surroundings and we move about not even thinking about someone doing anything to us but an Alabama woman had the scare of her life, when she was abducted by an unknown man whose intention was to rob her and when she disclosed she had no money that’s when the horror began. He shoved her into the trunk of a car and Brittany Diggs was able to free herself from the horrible man who was putting her through on of the most tragic moments of her life.

EarHustle411 is so thankful she was not harmed and the perpetrator was captured and she can now begin her healing process

Read more as reported by The GED Section:

Photo Credit: NBC News

It’s every women’s worst nightmare–being approached by a man with a gun and being forced into a trunk of a car. That’s exactly what happened to this Alabama nursing student.

25-year-old Brittany Diggs was abducted in Birmingham, Alabama while walking to her apartment. Luckily, she was able to escape her abductor.

A surveillance video captured footage of Brittany escaping from the trunk of the vehicle while it was moving as her kidnapper tried to drive away from a convenient store.

Brittany says she was able to use a light from her insulin pump to find an inside latch and open the trunk to escape the kidnapping. As soon as it opened she jumped out of the moving car while he sped off.

The abductor, Manuel Towns, was recently arrested and charged with first degree kidnapping, first degree robbery and two counts of credit card fraud. This all happened after he was released in January after years in prison from a marijuana charge.

Towns came up to Brittany while she was walking to her apartment with a gun and told her to give him all her money. When she said she didn’t have anything, he forced her in the car and drove her around town to take out cash from ATMs.

Eventually he forced her into the trunk. The whole time he was yelling at her that she was lying and that he knew she had something.

In the video, you can see Towns walk into the convenient store and attempt to drive away. While the car is leaving you can see the trunk open in the parking lot and Brittany tumble out.

She runs into the store, where the owner keeps her behind the counter, locks the door and calls 911.

A judge set Towns’s bail at $500,000 and he originally had to wait 48 hours for his court appearance.

Brittany told her story on the TODAY Show, where she talks about how she was able to get out of the scary situation and escape the kidnapping.

We’re so relieved that Brittany was able to make it out safe, with only a few minor injuries.

Source: The GED Section

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