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Just For Kids: Fun Recipes For Children To Make For The Holidays

The holidays are among us and what better way to foster some togetherness and fun while involving the kids’ help in preparing for the big day than to make some cool kid friendly dishes.  Most kids like the main courses of holiday dinners but they definitely try to go for the sweets first.  So we are going to start the meal with dessert and work out way to the main part of  the meal.  For the next 3 weeks we will be posting a few easy recipes to help you make your holiday meal spectacular.

EarHustle411 wants to know what are some of your favorite things to do to prepare for the holidays.

Check out the first 2 recipe we found for Peppermint OREO Cookie Balls and Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies:


Photo Credit: Kraft Recipes

Photo Credit: KraftRecipes.com

Photo Credit: KraftRecipes.com

Photo Credit: KraftRecipes.com

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