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Judge Banned Man From Internet For Creating Fake Craigslist Profile And Sending Men To Neighbor’s House

jason willis

A prank that went too far got a man banned from the Internet.

Jason Willis, 31, was barred from the Web for 30 months as part of a plea deal, after he admitted to sending men to a neighbor’s house, one of whom was wearing nothing but a trench coat.

“[Willis’] idea of a joke is much different than other people’s idea of a joke,” the victim, whose name was reported as “Dawn”, told WTMJ.

Willis set up a fake Craigslist personal ad that sent several suitors to Dawn’s door in November, 2012.

“He had my full name. He knew my address. And he said, ‘Oh, I got it off of Craigslist. You put an ad on there,’” Dawn said.

She also told WISN that, even though it happened more than a year ago, she still gets anxious when someone comes to visit.

“It’s been about a year and a half, but I’m still nervous as to who’s coming to my door, why they’re coming to my door, and if I don’t see a vehicle, I don’t know who it is,” Dawn said.

Willis was sentenced to 30 months probation, which includes the Internet ban.

Dawn said she didn’t know if the sentence was “fair,” but she told WTMJ, “it’s OK for now.”

Source: Huffington Post

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