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Is Jennifer Aniston’s Relationship Falling Apart?

jennifer antison

“RELATIONSHIP CRUMBLES” Star magazine is shouting from the rooftops this week regarding Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s engagement.

The three-year romance is stumbling towards a split the magazine’s source said, “They’ve actually been fighting like crazy behind the scenes for a while now. They’re such different people, kind of an oil-and-water couple. Lots of people wonder if their engagement is even the real thing.”

Even this past Thanksgiving, the couple spent it 3,000 miles apart from one another. While Jennifer spent the holiday in Los Angeles, Justin, who recently relocated to New York for the HBO drama “The Leftovers,” didn’t join her (even though it “doesn’t start filming until February,” a source added).

It has their friends questioning when they’ll call it quits.

“They do have things called jet planes,” the source said. “You’d certainly think it would’ve been important for Justin to join Jen for the holiday—or just as important for Jen to be with Justin if he was with his family.”


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