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“The Jason Smith Murder and Organ Harvesting”



 There is a story coming out of the state of Louisiana that is a real tear jerker, concerning the death of Jason Smith. The Coroner reported that the young man died from drowning but the father claims his son was beaten, sodomized (RAPED) and then murdered. The most horrific part of this story is the claim by the father that his sons organs were missing! The father (Bruce Smith) stated that his son could not swim and that he would never go into the woods by himself. He went on to say that his son knew the dangers of going into the woods alone because of the dangerous animals (Panthers & Snakes) that lurk there. I would like to examine this story from the obvious, who would take a man’s organs?




 The World Health Organization stated that an organ is sold at least ONCE AN HOUR and that 10,000 organs are sold every year. Who are buying these organs you ask? Eastern Europeans, Middle Easterners and Asians. Now in order for the SCRIBE to write this story correctly I might have to step on some international toes which is not my intention, I simply want you to understand the new international dope (ORGAN) game! 







That is right your eyes are not playing tricks on you, the rich are paying $125,000 a pop to gangs located in China, India and Pakistan. Think about it for a moment, you go to the hospital because you need a Kidney transplant but you have to be put on a waiting list . More than likely you will die waiting because there are so many needy people in line and the hospitals problem is solved with your untimely demise. Now the rich man has a remedy for this problem, he will just get on a plane and head overseas with his damaged Kidney, pay $125,000 to the HARVESTER and come back home with a brand new kidney and be as fit as a fiddle.





These Kidneys are sold by the poor for small amounts of money. For instance, as long as a kidney remains in a poor mans body, it is only worth a paltry $3200. This is the price that the HARVESTER pays the poor man for his Kidney but the moment that the kidney leaves the poor mans body ,it miraculously  appreciates to a whopping $125,000. Imagine if you were the Harvester and you simply got ten people to do this every year, do the math! Do you know of  anyone that has ever done five, ten, fifteen or thirty years for getting caught with someone elses Kidney? Get caught with a dime bag of crack and see how much time you receive in these United States. This is a concept better illustrated with the elasticity of demand in marketing, the scarcer the product the more it costs!



Lets examine what a humans organs are worth on the open market; your Eye balls are worth $1525, scalp $607, skull with teeth $1200, shoulder $500, heart $119,000, liver $157,000, hand and forearm, $385, pint of blood $337, spleen $508, small intestines $2519, Kidneys $262,000 and your gall bladder is worth $1219. If you, the person that is reading this article, add up all these figures, you are worth a whopping  $546,800 to someone dead or alive! That is simply staggering, could this be the reason so many children are being kidnapped (missing) worldwide? Somebody told you that you was broke and that you wasn’t worth a dime……well I guess they were wrong!  




Do you guys remember the earthquake that occurred in Haiti back in 2010? There have been  loud noises coming out of Sweden and Britain that claims a certain nation that responded to the Haitian disaster harvested the organs of the dead and dying Haitians! Who can you believe? The dead or the living?




Now who would steal a 14 year old childs’ organs? The answer is the Rich man! There needs to be a public outcry concerning the circumstances of Jason’s death.  What are we asking for in this matter? We want to know what really happened to this young man, his color is not the issue and never should be. Most of you who are reading this piece have children that you raised from the womb, you fed them, changed their papers (THE SMELL), put band aids’ on their nicks and bruises, played sports with them and just plain loved them. This is what this man (father) Bruce Smith is experiencing right now…..not only is his baby dead but somebody profaned the body by removing his body parts! Sometimes you feel like you have no voice, no say so in what goes on in this society, but guess what? You have an opportunity to make a difference by telling someone about this young man’s tragic death, this is your opportunity to finally do the right thing. I am going to conclude this message with a story from an old man who was walking thru a cemetary.



One day there was an old man who used to take long walks thru the cemetery in his home town, just to see how old the dates were on the tombstones. To the old mans’ amazement some of the headstones had dates that went as far back as 1650. Well the old man continued to walk and saw an updated headstone that had no date but it read here lies the American Spirit. This was no ordinary headstone because it listed events in which the American spirit had died, now the old man looked around cautiously to see if anyone was looking and when he was sure he was alone he continued to read. 



The American spirit died in 1619 when America  took part in the North Atlantic Slave Trade

The American spirit died with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln 

The American spirit died with the assassination of Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy, BobbyKennedy and Malcom X. 

The old man stopped reading and thought within himself, whoever  wrote these words on this headstone is absolutely correct. America must stand up to its creed, not just to the 3rd world nations abroad but to its’ citizens at home. We went down to Iraq and got rid of Saddam Hussein, we went down to Libya and got rid of Gadaffi and we hunted Bin Ladin until we finally rid the world of his existence. We were told that the rights and freedom of these people had been forcefully taken from them. We had been bombarded by the American press about the use of chemical weapons on the poor. We had heard tell of evidence pointing to mass graves of poor Iraqis, Syrians and Libyans and our politicians revived the American spirit to defend the rights of these poor wretched souls. When America stood up for righteousness she revived but when she forsook justice she died! Who among us will revive the spirit of America? Who among us will grab America by the hand and lead her gently in the spirit of righteousness and justice for all? The old man shed a tear and walked off shaking his head because there was none to wake America from her long sleep…no not one! Lets get together and do the right thing for this young man and others like him, no matter what the color of his or her skin is. Let us be the champions for the poor against a capitalistic society that favors the rich.

The SCRIBE advocates justice for all people, this is what we must become as a Nation of people and if we can do that…..then and only then can we revive the American spirit.

The SCRIBE is promoting a young writer by the name of Lee Cummings, help me to spread the word about this writer. He has a book that is sensational called, The Negro Question Part 2, The Slave Ships That Came From Judah, this is a must have book. Go out and buy this book, you can find this book on Amazon. As usual the SCRIBE has come to the end of his scribbal……Love you all!!!!!!

 Check out the Negro Question part 2
















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