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James Jameson Of Jameson Irish Whiskey Allegedly Bought a 10-Year Old Slave Girl to Watch Her Be Eaten by Cannibals

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James Jameson, heir to the Jameson Irish Whiskey company, once bought a 10-year-old slave girl for six handkerchiefs because he wanted to sketch the event as cannibals killed, mutilated, and finally, ate her

According to a report from The New York Times, Jameson had a fascination with cannibalism and wanted to experience the act firsthand.

Jameson was on a trip in Africa in 1890 when an opportunity to fulfill his sick fantasy presented itself because he and his translator happened upon a cannibalistic tribe. Jameson consulted the tribe’s chiefs who told him if he wanted to witness the event, he’d have to buy a slave girl to be killed.

Jameson returned a few minutes later with a 10-year-old girl he bought from a nearby slave trader for six handkerchiefs. The translator then approached the chiefs and said, “This is a present from a white man who desires to see her eaten.”

According to an eye witness report of the scene, the cannibals tied the girl to a tree and stabbed her twice in the belly. The natives then cut pieces off of her body as Jameson sat sketching in his notebook. Jameson and his translator then made their way to chief’s hut where Jameson finished his sketches in watercolor.

In the end, Jameson had six complete watercolors of the cannibal feast. According to a witness, “there were six of them, all neatly done. The first sketch was of the girl as she was led to the tree. The second showed her stabbed, with the blood gushing from the wounds. The third showed her dissected. The fourth, fifth and sixth showed the men carrying the various parts of the body.”

It is unclear if Jameson was ever convicted of any crime involving the incident. However, it does sort of make the new Jameson commercials, such as the one where a likeness of Jameson saves a girl and a barrel of whiskey from a hawk, look a lot more suspicious.



Source:  Modernnotion.com

Source: Josh Hrala

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