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Is There An Agenda To Turn Black Men Gay Or Is This Propaganda? [ VIDEO]

Is There An Agenda To Turn Black Men Gay Or Is This Propaganda?  [ VIDEO]

Is it true that the masses are trying to tell the world through media promotions & marketing that  black fathers are no good?  Is there some scheme being planned to feminize black boys?  Is it the black mothers fault for allowing their sons to be soft? Is it the black fathers fault for not being in their son’s lives and many for abandoning their families?

What say you?  Over the last decade the enormous amount of black men that have come out stating that they are gay has quadrupled compared to just as little as 10 years ago.

Black men in dresses, lipstick, heels and female undergarments was once frowned upon and now it’s socially acceptable for many black men to take on the female persona. Could it be the prison industrial system which is big business, sending young black men to prison for simple things that their white counter parts get warnings for?  Are these men being turned out in prison or injected with some concoction to make them less of a danger to society?

#Bring Back Our Boys… This was a slogan that was used jokingly that took the internet by storm but is it really a joke or do we really need to bring back our boys?

Is our educational system being used to program your children that it’s o.k for boys to like boys and girls to like girls?  Is the traditional family going to be same sex/ gender parents?

Has Feminism changed the roles of a man and woman and are women becoming too independent and taking on masculine ways? The phrase “I don’t need a man” has become prevalent in society by many single mothers who feel they are doing it all by themselves.

What has caused so many black men to turn to other black men?  Is it the lack of love, lack of trust, lack of attention, lack of jobs or financial hardships?  What is the reason behind so many men becoming physically attracted to other men and boys acting like girls?

Are gay black men respected by society more than straight black men?  Are black women promoting the negative stereotype that there are no good black men out there?

Are the black churches promoting homosexuality and are they closing a blind eye to the destruction of the black family?

Ear Hustle 411 would like to know what your thoughts are in regards to this serious subject matter…..


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