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Investigative Report: Georgia Legislature & Corporate Lobbyists Set The Public’s Fate In “Backroom” Meetings [video]

WOW…If one never had rock solid proof about their legislature and how the bills and laws are made the following video will truly open your eyes.  It seems that the Georgia Legislature is not pleased with the public knowing what they are doing and how they are making law.  NBC11 in Atlanta attempts to gain access to a meeting being held at a resort where the some of the Georgia Legislature and possibly legislature from other states and corporate lobbyists are making deals at the expense of the public.


An “organization” referred to as ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) and it seems as though this group has more political power than the President.  According to the website called  ALEC Exposed there is much more going on than corporations lobbying.  Decisions are being made for the welfare of the public at the expense of the public and some may not be in the public’s interest.  Check out the video from NBC11:

This is why people really need to take ownership and know for themselves what the companies and politicians are doing supposedly in the interest of the public.


Source: NBC11 [Video]

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