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Instagram Model Princess Shyngle Claims Her Kidney Disease Was Cause By Wearing A Waist Trainer


Photo Credit: Instagram

A popular Instagram model has been hospitalized with kidney disease, and her use of the controversial waist trainer may be to blame.

Princess Shyngle, an African actress and writer, posted images of herself in a hospital bed with her arm hooked up to an IV.

“Hospital bound… Kidney disease healing mercies oh Lord need your prayers ya’ll,” the 24 year old captioned.

Shyngle, who has a 22-inch waist and 44-inch backside, proudly championed the waist trainer, often posting pictures of her massively thin waist and hourglass figure. But as it turns out, the trainer–similar to the corset–may be more dangerous than it is useful tool for a snatched waist.

Doctors are increasingly warning women about the dangers of waist trainers, which can literally shift their internal organs.

“If someone gets addicted to wearing a waist trainer day after day the inner organs will shift. There will be a disbalance in the cavity as it is not normal to have such as small waist,” Dr. Galyna Selezneva told the Daily Mail.

“There can also be changes to the ribs and bone structures. Obviously if you are wearing them repeatedly, you are not exercising the muscles so they are also wasting.”

In a previous interview, Shyngle said that while she does use the waist trainer, she also exercises everyday and diets. It’s not clear whether she was released from the hospital or what her condition she is in.

Source: Centric TV

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