Indianapolis Woman Use Human Waste To Escape After Trying To Steal A Camera From Menards

human waste

Photo Credit: Google

Indianapolis woman tries to steal a camera and she used human waste as part of escape. Check out all the gross details below:

Via ABC News

Police say a woman trying to steal a video camera from an Indianapolis store escaped after throwing feces at a security worker.

Indianapolis police responded Tuesday to a Menards on the city’s east side and a loss prevention officer told them that he saw the shoplifting suspect remove the camera from its packaging and place it into a bag.

The officer told police that when he tried to stop the woman from leaving she reached into her pants, pulled out a handful of feces and threw it at him. He says the feces hit him in the chest. Police say the woman ran out the door and escaped.

Police say the camera was recovered and they’re trying to identify the woman.

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