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Indianapolis Man Confesses To Fatally Shooting Wife In The Face Because She Wouldn’t let Him Sleep

A person would have to be extremely sick in the head to unload a gun into someone’s face.  An Indianapolis man did exactly that, he claims his wife had been trying to “kill” him all day because she would not allow him to get some sleep.  Not only did Dorian Barker shoot his wife Penny Jones in the face, he did so in front of the deceased.  EarHustle411 cannot seem to wrap our thoughts around why a person would just snap like Barker did.  Well…he will have plenty of time to think about his actions in prison, provided he doesn’t get off on am insanity plea.

Read more on this horrid crime as reported by WISH TV 8:


photo credit: IMPD

According to court documents, Dorian Barker admitted to shooting and killing his wife.

The court documents state the when police arrived at the residence in repose to a residential alarm, they encountered Barker in the doorway of the house.

When police asked Barker if he was okay, he responded with, “Yes. No, I just killed my wife.”

When officers entered the home they found Penny Jones on the sofa, with apparent gun shot wounds to the face. When officers restrained Barker  and was escorted to a police cruiser her told officers that ‘She’s been trying to kill me all day and wouldn’t let me sleep.”

EMS crews pronounced Jones dead at the scene.

Court documents show that when Barker was being read his rights, that he reached across the table and crumbled the form.

A witness at the scene was identified as Jones’ sister, Danasha Jones. She told police that Barker came into the living room with a gun, and began waving it around the room. He then pointed it at Penny Jones and began shooting her in the face until the gun was empty, Danasha told police.

According to court documents, Danasha believed that she set off the residential alarm when she fled out of the front door.

Read the full court filings here:


Dorian Barker PC

Source: WISH TV 8

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