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“Indiana Woman Goes to Hospital for Abdominal Pain, She Delivers Baby Boy”

indiana mother

An Indiana mother who lives west of Indianapolis got the surprise of a  lifetime when she went to the emergency room for sharp abdominal pains  and gave birth to a baby boy.

After working a full eight-hour shift on her feet at an assembly plant, Mandy  Bachelor headed to the hospital. She thought she needed an appendectomy.

She says her body never showed any signs of pregnancy. But once Bachelor  arrived, she was rushed to the deliver room. Her son weighed in at just over  seven pounds.

“They thought maybe she had gallstones,” Josh Cox said. “She said, ‘We’ll  take her back,’ and then a few minutes later her water burst everywhere.”

“I never showed,” Bachelor said. “I had weight gain… I was very  shocked.”

This mother  and father of three says they are thankful for friends and family who rushed out  to purchase things a baby would need while they were still in the hospital.

They had previously given away all of their baby furniture back in December  because they thought they were “done having babies.”

Source: http://www.myfoxchicago.com

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