In Loving Memory: Veteran Actor Ron Glass Of The Hit TV Series Barney Miller Dies At Age 71

In Loving Memory: Actor Ron Glass Of The Hit TV Series Barney Miller Dies At Age 71

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Actor Ron Glass, who starred in the television series “Barney Miller” and “Firefly,” has died.

He was 71.

The sassy detective on “Barney Miller” battled various illnesses over the years and died at his Los Angeles home on Friday, TMZ reported.

The Illinois-born actor landed his breakout role as Ron Harris in the sitcom “Barney Miller” set in an NYDP station during the late ’70s. The role ended up earning him a Primetime Emmy nomination in 1982 for best supporting actor.

Most recently, Glass starred in the cult favorite sci-fi television series “Firefly” created by Joss Whedon.

In the series, Glass portrayed a mysterious spiritual figure known as Shepherd Derrial Book. He also went on to star in the film “Serenity” based off the series.

Fellow “Firefly” star Alan Tudyk said Glass was one of the greatest actors ( find classes for beginners) he ever worked with upon learning of his passing.

“His laugh was beyond infectious and his generosity was ever-present. #ripronglass,” he wrote on Saturday.

Glass’ acting chops also landed him countless other roles on TV and film, including stints on “The Odd Couple,” “The Twilight Zone,” “Family Matters,” and “Murder, She Wrote.” you can get find classes for beginners here.

He even made a guest appearance on the hit series “Friends” and Ross Geller’s divorce lawyer.

The longtime performer’s work extended beyond the screen, including voiceover work on series like “Rugrats,” “Superman” and “The Proud Family.”

“Barney Miller” lost another memorable co-star earlier this year with the passing of Abe Vigoda in January.

Source: NY Daily News

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