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In Loving Memory: Blogger Jarret Scott Page aka “Messy Boots” Dies From HIV Complications At Age 26

messy boots

Today is a sad day for the blogging community right now. 

Popular and well known blogger Jarrett Scott Page (better known as Messy Boots) passed away last night around family and friends.

The outspoken blogger has succumbed to the HIV virus…but there are many other speculations people have on his death.

From the looks of his twitter account over the past couple of months he mostly complained of being sick and in the hospital on and off.

On June 20th he posted that he was having a stomach pains.

3 days passed and his very loyal fans began to get worried and wondered why he hadn’t posted anything online.

bloggger tweet

blogger tweetA couple of hours later, Jarrett took to Instagram and his Facebook page to relieve all of his fans.

blogger tweet All rest assured, the fans thought that everything was okay… sadly things were not. This morning, Jarrett’s Brother, Ryan Page took to Facebook to confirm that his  brother had passed away. 

He posted– 

blogger facebook post

When fans asked Ryan how his brother passed, he replied: “H.I.V” and nothing more.

blogger facebookHis brother says that Jarrett became sick with a sinus infection and it became impossible to fight off with the deadly virus.

messy boots

While many of Jarrett’s friends and fans were in mourning, there were a couple of skeptical fans who felt like this was one of Jarrett’s infamous tasteless jokes. 

They began saying that in the past Jarrett joked about making a Go Fund Me for himself so for that reason they felt like this whole thing was a hoax.

Another thing that felt weird is, his family members claimed that they would take over all of his social media accounts..in which now they have been posting on his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter today.

How they got all of his info, I’m not really sure…but people started going in hard with the disrespectful comments.

Like this one in particular– 

blogger comment

blogger page

Either way, it’s pretty odd that he hasn’t been on any social media platform for a long time which is really unlikely for him…he was always posting all day everyday on Twitter and Instagram.

blogger GFM

His family set up a Go Fund Me Page and asks for help with his funeral expenses.

His family also explained why they made the page and assures us that his accounts were NOT hacked.

They posted– 

The family would like to take this time to thank you all for showing your love and support to Jarrett.

Jarrett’s insurance policy was less than 2 years old and they won’t pay the face value which is why we are reaching out to you all. 

The family wants you to know that his page was not hacked and that we posted it on his page in order to inform all his online family. We know that you all love and will miss Jarrett also.


Jarrett’s fund has raised over $1,500 in 6 hours…their goal is to reach $12,000.

If you would like to donate, please visit Jarrett’s GoFundMe account.

So sad! H.I.V is not anything to play around with…encourage your friends and family to get tested every six months and use PROTECTION! Your life is not worth a night of pleasure. 

Source: AskKissy

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