Ice Cube’s Son O’Shea Jackson Jr. To Play Famous Dad In N.W.A Biopic


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The actor reportedly tapped to play Ice Cube in an upcoming biopic certainly has the right genes for the part.

O’Shea Jackson Jr. has been cast to play his famous rapper father in the planned film about N.W.A., “Straight Outta Compton,” The Wrap reported.

The Universal project will tell the story of the hip hop group’s rise to fame from the streets of Los Angeles through the band’s breakup in 1991.

While sources told TheWrap of the younger Jackson’s involvement, the studio would not confirm the casting. Ice Cube, who was born O’Shea Jackson, previously told The Guardian that he’d like to see his son play him in “Compton.”

“I’ve been trying to get that pushed along,” the rapper said in a February interview. “Just wanna make sure that he’s the best man for the job.”

He’s co-producing the film along with former N.W.A. cohort Dr. Dre and deceased rapper Eazy-E’s widow, Tomica Woods-Wright.

Though Ice Cube is well known for his roles in films such as “Friday”, “Ride Along” and “Barbershop,” his son still has yet to prove his acting chops.

The supportive dad had to convince studio executives that Jackson Jr. could rise to the challenge, according to TheWrap.

The biopic “will be a dramatic story that encompasses hip hop, dope-dealing, Reaganomics, AIDS, LAPD, rap feuds, FBI, PMRC, the Parental Advisory stickers on the records … all of it,” Ice Cube told entertainment news site.

Gangsta rap pioneers N.W.A. sold 10 million records, despite agitating critics with lyrics glorying drugs and crime on songs like “F-k tha Police” and “Gangsta Gangsta.”


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